Nasser Ovissi Authentication Certificate process


Nasser Ovissi is a living legend of the modern Iranian art era.  Ovissi’s iconographic symbols can be summarized into three distinctive stylized forms in his work: women,horses and pomegranates. Set amidst geometric patterns and decorative elements, his figures seem to merge into and out of the space behind them. “My work is dedicated to the beauty of life and I hope those who experience my work will walk away with an experience of beauty.” Born in Tehran, Iran in 1934, Ovissi studied Law and Political Sciences at the University of Tehran before studying fine art at Beaux Fine Art in Rome. The artist has achieved numerous awards and honors, including being exhibited at the 1959 Paris Biennial and a Grand Prize at the 1962 Biennale of Fine Arts of Tehran. Ovissi lives and works in Reston, VA. His works are included in the collections of the Contemporary Art Museum in Madrid, the National Art Gallery of Greece in Athens and have been sold in many International auction houses.


What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

The COA is the number-one tool in determining an artwork’s provenance, with the certificate declaring that the work was indeed created by the artist. This is particularly important with higher-profile artists, like Nasser Ovissi.  

 Why is a COA required?

Nasser Ovissi and The Ovissi Estate have found recently some forgery issues around Ovissi's works of art. We are issuing a trackable COA with QR Code, Embedded Seal Patch & Stamp, ensuring to the best of our ability there can be no forgery of these documents. By this document which has Artist and Eran Gallery signatures, you are absolutely comfortable with your artwork.

Where and How to Get a Certificate of Authenticity?

Nasser Ovissi and the Ovissi Estate in cooperation with Eran Gallery prepared this process for all the owners of Nasser Ovissi’s artwork who bought the artworks directly from the artist in the past to have a valid certificate of authentication.

In this process, we review the provided information and if we reach the conclusion of the artwork that has been created by Nasser Ovissi and the artwork’s provenance is valid, a certificate of authentication will be generated. The COA will then be signed by the artist and gallery which proves the artwork is certainly original.

There are certain things the requester needs to prepare and include when sending out the request for a certificate of authenticity.

Step one: Fill out the Request Form (download the form)

Step two, Prepare the artwork pictures with the following conditions:

  • A clear picture of the work, One picture from the front and if it is possible one photo from the rear

  • One close-up picture from the signature

  • The images quality should be 300 dpi, JPEG, the long edge not less than 20 cm

  • scan all the previous certificates and purchasing documents with 190dpi quality

Step Three, Pay the Authentication Process fee for each application here.

Step Four, Send the Completed Request Form, Payment receipt, and the Pictures to the following email address and indicate on the Subject Line “COA Request – Nasser Ovissi – Your Name”

Step Five, Eran Gallery will send you an email confirming the start date by 2 weeks from your email. Nasser Ovissi & Estate will review the documents, and we might call the requester if additional information is required. (Duration: 10 business days for normal cases)

Step Six, if the artwork was original, we will inform you of the final phase of certification and sending you the shipping invoice.

Step Seven, The certificate will post to the given address after the shipping fee has been placed.


Process Fee:

A. The application review and artwork assessment fee is C$100 for each application (artwork COA) no matter what is the size or type of art piece.


Note1: If you have more than one artwork, you might send one email but It is required to send separate forms and pictures to us. We recommend putting proper numbering on the pictures and related form which makes each application identical. We might offer you a discount based on the number of applications. You need to inform us before sending the applications by sending an email to the given email address.

Note2: For the artwork which was being identified as not certified, $15 of the application fee (paid value of each application) will be retained to the client.  

B. Shipping fee will be calculated after certification based on the recipient address. The invoice will be sent to the client.