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Art is the spiritual reaction of man to his/her perception of Creation’s beauties. A combination of art and industry satisfies the spiritual needs of man, who has been always in search of beauty and its appliance. Handicrafts are indeed an outcome of such combination. Using native raw material and taking on the production process, the artist creates his/her work of art. Each artwork is a realization of its creator’s artistic taste and intellectual creativity, making it all so different from other productions. Every nation’s handicrafts are, indeed, lasting events; to whichever era they belong, they are a heritage for future generations. Any artwork, in other words, is both an object and a historical experience.

On the other hand, the combination of art and industry is considered a significant aspect of any culture such that the efflorescence of art and industry as combined improves cultural values and creativity and innovation in the related fields. 


Artifacts in the Middle East, with their deep-rooted cultural and historical influences, have been for long a subject of interest to tourists and art lovers. Ghalamzani (Etching), Minakari (Enamels), Khatam, Pottery, Miniature, Finery-Making, Pateh, Felting, Kilims, and Carpets are among the most important in Turkish and Persian handmade. 

Middle Eastern contemporary artists by the usage of new techniques and technology are introducing unique creation and work of art in these realms and areas. Such works both preserve their Islamic and Middle Eastern origins and uniquely present modern interior design and art aesthetic features.


Such, taking an innovative outlook and employing its environmental capabilities, ERAN Gallery is seeking to introduce Middle Eastern artworks and artifacts. Aimed at creating interactions between artists and who loves the art and beauty, ERAN Galley hopes and will hopefully manage to stabilize the high status of decorative and applied art, introduce the rich historical and cultural background of this region's art to the Canadians and as well to the art lovers around the world through the four following objectives:


1. Responsibly taking into account the artist’ and art lovers’ rights

2. Observance of copyright

3. Creating a safe, assured place for artistic interactions

4. Support the preservation of the region's ethnic and national roots while using innovative methods